South America Backpacking Travel Diary

Throughout my trip I maintained an email travel diary. It may well bore some people to tears but here in full !

You can find stories of the Uyuni trip in Boliva,The Inca Trail in Peru and Tales from the Galapagos Islands in Ecaudor. Part of it has been published in a book of travels travelogues - the front and back cover are my photos !

Arriving in Santiago, Chile

My first couple of weeks in South America.

Travel Disruptions

The soaring fuels around the world and other political problems forced a few changes to my travel plans.

The Beautiful South

The Chilean lake district region Santiago to Pucon, and Bariloche (Arg) to Peurto Montt.

Back North to Bolivia

Headed north to San Pedro and into Bolivia

on the "Uyuni Trail".

Peru and the Inca Trail

Relaxing at Lake Titicaca, before tackling the Inca Trail ... finishing with Sunday Roast on a Wednesday

Birds, Iguanas and Sea Life

Seven days sailing the Galapagos Islands.

New Year and Venezualan Beaches

Ecuadorian New Year celebrations and relaxing on the beach, prior to a cold return home !