Thinking about a holiday in South America? Visit Brazil

If you're thinking about travelling to South America, sometimes it can be hard to know where to go. South America is huge, and the countries comprising it massively diverse - geographically, historically, and culturally. But, if you're looking for some of the best beaches in the continent, as well as the tastiest food and some pretty wild parties, you'd do well to choose Brazil. Here's a very quick guide to the place.

Beaches: Brazil's beaches are the country's number one tourist attraction. This is not only because they're stunning. It's also because there are loads of different kinds of beaches to choose from. Travellers can choose a beach that's bustling with people, restaurants, shopping and nightlife - such as those found in Rio de Janeiro. For a more peaceful time, you should go find some of the more secluded spots tucked along the coast. One particularly tranquil terrain are beaches on the island of Santa Catarina.

Food: If you like to experience other cultures through food, Brazil is certainly a great place for you. From exotic fruits to Brazilian beef and fresh seafood - such as the traditional dish, Camarao na Moranga, shrimp and cheese baked in sweet pumpkin - there is something to please every palate. Do check out, especially, a Churrascaria for dinner, where you'll most likely be able to taste some of the best cuts of beef in the country. Add some wine, and a delicious local dessert like a passion fruit mousse.

Cultures and festivals: What many don't realise is that Brazil has a lot of different cultures. There are many cities throughout the country where the residents speak German and Italian. The country also has the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. It's the diversity of its population that contributes to Brazil's cultural richness and variety. If you're in Rio de Janeiro, make sure you go to one of Brazil's colourful street parties, and going in February, at carnival time, will of course be the best fun.

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